Energy efficient kitchen equipment is ESSENTIAL these days – for environmental reasons and to keep down energy bills. There are many new kinds of kitchen equipment that have been designed to use less power – with Induction equipment leading the way in energy efficiency. However, let’s start with replacing your old power hungry appliances!

The most energy efficient kitchen equipment – a NEW refrigerator

To choose the most energy efficient kitchen appliances, start with looking at Eco-friendly alternatives to appliances that usually use the most power.

Up until recently, refrigerators used the most power in our kitchens – especially old ones. Replacing outdated models with the latest energy-efficient refrigerators will ensure you use a lot less power and can help you save the most on your kitchen-related utility bill.

The most energy-efficient refrigerators are:

  • New refrigerators are the most energy efficient. Irrespective of what particular power saving features it has, a new fridge will use far less energy than an old fridge. On average, any new fridge today will use less than half of the power used by any refrigerator that is more than fifteen years old.
  • Refrigerators with top or bottom freezer compartments are more energy efficient than refrigerators with side-by-side fridge/freezer sections.
  • Free-standing refrigerators use far less energy than built in refrigerators thanks to improved air flow around the appliance.

Energy efficient Hobs – Gas vs Induction

  • Gas hobs are more energy efficient than electrical hobs, but possibly not the most Eco-friendly options overall. With gas prices rising, they are also no longer ideal when it comes to saving money.
  • Induction stove tops use a fraction of the electricity used by traditional stove tops. They are currently rated as the most energy efficient hobs. Electromagnetic induction appliances use around 15 to 20% less energy than electric hobs and coils. Induction tops also heat up faster and cool down almost immediately – with far less power wastage.

Counter-top kitchen appliances designed for energy efficiency:

With the urgent need for energy-efficiency at the forefront of kitchen appliance design, there are several energy efficient counter-top kitchen appliances you can use for cooking and heating food. The following energy efficient kitchen equipment appliances utilize the latest technologies to use less power while cooking your food better and faster:

  • Air-fryers: energy efficient equipment for healthier eating.
  • Freestanding Induction plates / hobs. – the most energy efficient way to cook smaller meals.
  • Convection Ovens, Slow Cookers, Toaster Ovens and Multi-Cookers – all energy efficient kitchen equipment that optimize power usage vs output. They heat quickly, efficiently and are ideal for smaller kitchens and smaller meals.

With so many energy-efficient cooking appliances on the market, its not necessary to replace all of your old ones to save on power usage. However, you will save money by investing in newer models if you use those ‘traditional’ appliances often. You will also save significantly on utility bills by using the most energy efficient kitchen equipment technology on the market today – Induction.