Silicone bakeware is the new way of baking but have they done enough research for us to be comfortable using it. Metal bakeware comes in tin, aluminium, stainless steel and cast iron – with aluminium being the most popular and commonly used.

Metals all heat fast, distribute heat well and maintain temperatures out of the oven. With all the metal options, not to mention glass and ceramic bakeware (each suitable in its own way for different baked goods – with advantages and disadvantages), there must be a good reason why silicone has become so popular.

Silicone bakeware is ideal for cakes and cupcakes and dishwasher safe

Advantages of silicone baking tins, cake tins and moulds:

1. Silicone bakeware is ideal for cakes and cupcakes. It helps keep the moisture in, maintaining both the velvety texture and rich, mouth-watering flavours you want to achieve.

2. It is also perfect for creating chocolate moulds as it is so flexible, and for acidic treats like lemon cakes because it doesn’t not react with the food.

3. However, it’s the non-stick property that makes it a winner. More indulgence and enjoyment of the product of your hard work, and a lot less time in the kitchen cleaning and scrubbing!

Silicone bakeware is also:

♥ Easy to clean – thanks to being flexible and it’s non-stick texture
♥ Microwave safe
♥ Dishwasher safe
♥ Exceptionally durable. It doesn’t rust. And it won’t break if dropped on the floor.

The disadvantages of silicone bakeware:

 Some purists simply don’t like it or see the need for silicone considering all the other options. Others aren’t convinced there are no health risks – despite the evidence there aren’t any. It’s heat proof up to very high temperatures, and it does not leach anything into the food.

The only real disadvantage is that the baking can take longer, and temperatures need to be adjusted slightly to take this into account. It doesn’t heat the way metal does, and so it’s easy to get times wrong, and it may not be suitable for baked goods that depend on fast, high heat.

Then there’s taking a pie out in a floppy dish…let’s say that needs a bit of skill and finesse!

In the end, metal will still come out the winner for many, thanks to its fast heating properties. It comes down to what metal to use, and what not to for different dishes e.g. aluminium should not be used with acidic ingredients.