The kitchen has always been the ‘heart of the home’, functioning as a social hub as well as a functional kitchen. In the past couple of years it has also become a work-station for millions of people who work from home. This, along with increasing environmental awareness and the necessity of reducing energy-use, are driving the best kitchen trends in design and functionality.

Atmospheric but often dark ‘cottage kitchen’ interiors are out – and modern, sleek, light, multi-functional and energy efficient ‘kitchen hubs’ are IN. These are the best kitchen trends to consider:

Maximizing airflow and natural light:

  • Kitchen trends are focused on indoor/outdoor design, airy kitchens integrated with open-plan living and entertainment areas.
  • Lots of white on walls and cabinetry.
  • Big windows and doors opening to patios directly from the kitchen.

Innovative storage solutions for modern kitchen trends:

The current trend for hidden and streamlined storage as seen a huge range of kitchen designs focused on reducing hard-to reach vertical wall cabinets. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Under counter storage drawers (push-button is popular)
  • ‘Lazy Susan’s’ in slim-fit corner pantries.
  • Open shelving that increases overall storage capacity for small appliances (and allows you to display more plants, ornaments, and other kitchen aesthetics)
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‘Smart’, multi-functional kitchens:

  • Smart kitchens are all the rage – from smart gadgets to remote controlled mood lighting and a host of new ‘smart’ technologies for use at home or from your smartphone.
  • Kitchens designed with work-at-home (at the kitchen counter) functionality. Lighting, windows and plug points are increasingly designed with ergonomic incorporation of multi-functionality.

Energy-efficient kitchens:

  • Energy efficient lighting – with a focus on recessed LEDs, strip fluorescents and LED spot-lighting that targets a particular work area.
  • The latest in energy efficient appliances. Of course! Gas hobs are increasingly popular and relatively very energy efficient.
  • Multi-purpose kitchen islands – with built-in ‘bar-style’ seating, storage, and cooktops.

Quartz Counter tops are part of the latest kitchen trends:

There have never been more choices for kitchen finishes, with trends on natural, easy-to-clean, and durable. Too many to mention here, but it’s worth specifically mentioning quartz countertops. The most hygienic and durable natural option is now available in every colour – making your choice for kitchen countertops easy!

There many other kitchen trends – centred on what you do in the kitchen, what you cook and how, new gadgets and appliances, to what your kitchen looks like and how it functions. Overall, the best kitchen trends are the ones that simplify and fit in to a modern but nature-loving lifestyle.